Cristóbal Valenzuela

Founder at RunwayML (USA)

Cristóbal Valenzuela is a technologist, artist and software developer working at the intersection of artificial intelligence and creative tools. He is the co-founder of Runway, a toolkit that allows creators of all kinds to use artificial intelligence in an intuitive way. Previously, he was a researcher at New York University ITP and co-founded Latent Studio, a creative studio specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. He also contributes to OSS and helps maintain ml5.js. His work has been sponsored by Google and the Processing Foundation and his projects has been exhibited in Latin America and the US, including NeurIPS, Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art, ARS Electronica, GAM, ACADIA, Fundación Telefonica, Lollapalooza, NYC Media Lab, New Latin Wave, DOCLAB, Inter-American Development Bank, Stanford University and New York University.

Cris will be teaching a full-day workshop on AI for Augmented Creativity on Sunday 9 June.