Sensorium Night:

Jonathan Reus - iMac Music

Friday 7th June 2019

Jonathan Reus - iMac Music

iMacs will get corrupted! At this year's Sensorium Festival opening night, where Jonathan Reus will perform his iMac Music.

iMac Music is a series of user interventions into early iMac G3 computers. The computers start running recognisable software on a manipulated OS X desktop. Throughout the performance the computers’ circuitry becomes increasingly corrupted by manipulations; visual distortions are created on-screen and sound material is tapped from the running circuitry of the computers. The performance itself traces the process whereby a digital apparatus is reduced from function to raw material, marked by a point where the machines inevitably become unusable as intended, rebooting into the next movement of the performance. iMac Music has been performed in various configurations, solo with percussion, percussion trio, and as an individual intervention with multiple machines.

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