You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition Augmented Authorship - Matthew Plummer Fernandez at 18:00 on 10.4.2019 in Satelit Gallery, Bratislava. The exhibition lasts 10.4.-8.6.2019.

Through this exhibition Sensorium Festival invited the designer and artist Matthew Plummer Fernandez to let his work and current research inhabit the Satelit gallery.

The point of departure for this exhibition has been the intersection of the designer’s current research focus and the 2019 theme of Sensorium Festival ‘The Augmented Mind’. In both his PhD research and his own creative practice, Plummer Fernandez explores contemporary socio-technical entanglements with software automation.

A central line in Plummer Fernandez’ investigation considers authorship under the influence of computational processes and automated (re)assembly. In this exhibition concept we’d like to place this work in the light of augmentation as a design principle and explore how contemporary computational design practices can facilitate new forms of authorship.

The exhibition design itself has embraced these practices by letting an algorithm place the exhibits into the space of the gallery.
Information about the exhibition

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