Random Error VR Selection

Various Artists

Random Error Studio presents various affordances of virtual reality and interaction technologies through projects and project demos developed at their VR studio based in Budapest.

Suprematist VR Space

Rita Vándor

Suprematism, the term coined by Kazimir Malevich, denotes a mode of expression in which emotion dominated all other artistic considerations. This concept, however not popular today, is very fruitful for approaching various VR-environments and augmented fine art concepts.

Kim Pong

Fanni Szilvás

This piece is a subset of a group project by which Fanni illustrates the sensory modalities which are not perceptible in virtual reality (smell, taste) and substitutes them with visual and auditory stimuli. She explored the idea more by utilizing the playfulness of the pattern of the seeds, and adding some opportunities to interact with them. The game’s structure is based on a virtual dragon fruit atmosphere into which a politically incorrect micro-game, called “Kim Pong” is built in.

A Virtual Reality Poetry Book

Rita Eperjesi

Rita’s starting point is that literature is considered boring for teenagers as it’s hard to concentrate on a book, because is taking such a small part of your eyesight, with only white pages and black letters on them. Creating a VR- experience, where your whole world is about words and which is interactive, might give a new perspective about literature as well. Rita Eperjesi developed a prototype for a Virtual Reality Poetry Book. She explored how these two genres can interact with each other, if the content of literature can find new ways of expressions through virtual reality.