Becoming Escargotapien

Sissel Marie Tonn in collaboration with AFAD

This installation has been created as further development of Sissel’s original artwork Becoming Escargotapien and digital architecture student research at the faculty of architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

A spoken tale connects the evolution of calcified matter in organisms with contemporary use of 3d printing technologies used in regenerative medicine. More specifically the use of mother-of-pearl as material for reconstructing human bone. The installation is housed by a site-specific structure - a soft knitted/woven modular and mouldable truss structure behaves as a cloud, non-controllable aggregate and features an ambiguous, elastic building element, creating landscape or soft environment, whose skin and structure are not autonomous entities, but they are in a hybrid interactive relationship – dialogue.

AFAD Tutors: Danica Pišteková, Kristína Rypáková Students (Department of Architecture, AFAD): Soňa Polčová, Karin Gúziová, Anna Přibylová, Sára Krčmáriková

The project was sponsored by Muller Textiles s.r.o., Slovakia